Do you have real estate FOMO? What you need to know before it affects your finances + MORE May 3rd

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Why Young People Trust TikTok for Financial Advice + MORE May 30th

When Courtney Croucher, 23, first stumbled upon “FinTok,” i.e. financial TikTok, she owed $40,000 in student loans and had no idea what her future held. It was May 2020 and she was living at her parents’ house in Cambridge, Ont., after graduating from media studies at Western Universit.... More »

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As Switch Hardware Sales Slow, How Long Can Nintendo Delay 'Switch 2'?  Nintendo LifeSwitch Is Still Outselling Everything Else Despite Ongoing Chip Shortage  KotakuNintendo Switch shipments drop 20 percent year-over-year  MobileSyrupNintendo achieves their highest annu.... More »

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What a mutual fund flop, part-time jobs and a box of Nerds taught Sandy Yong about managing her money May 19th

Sandy Yong loves learning, writing and talking about money. So much so, in fact, that she wrote a book about personal finance: The Money Master. She’s also penning a new column for MoneySense, called Making It, to help Gen Z get a better grip on their finances. Yong wants to people feel less anxio.... More »

The tax implications of transferring a stock between spouses + MORE May 9th

My wife and I are joint owners WROS (with right of survivorship) of a stock we have owned for many years. If the ownership of the stock is changed to just her name, individually, no death involved, does her cost basis of the shares remain the same as it was when it was in our joint names?—Joe T.... More »
The fear of missing out on owning a home, a.k.a. real estate FOMO, can be a powerful feeling—especially if you’re watching from the sidelines as home values soar. “I think of all the ‘high-priced’ $600,000 homes I could have purchased,” says Candice Best, a public relations executive based in Toronto. “Never mind the appreciation in the neighbourhoods that I’d never have considered living in 20 years ago, which are now hot spots.” Best sold her Toronto condo in 2003, assuming she’d be able to hop back into the market in a few years; but, as prices climbed, her wait has stretched into two decades. 

Best may not get her chance for a while yet. In Toronto and, Canada’s other ultra-hot market, Vancouver, the dream of property ownership feels increasingly out of reach, while sellers’ returns seem like lottery prizes. In fact, home prices all over Canada continued to rise this year: as of January 2022, they were up 21% from the same month the previous year…

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15,000 residential construction workers go on strike over wages amid rising inflation  Toronto StarToronto Real Estate Construction Grinds To A Halt As Union Battles Over Inflation – Better Dwelling  Better DwellingStrike by at least 15000 construction workers hammers projects  Toronto SunApproximately 15000 residential construction workers on strike in the GTA  CP24 Toronto’s Breaking NewsLabour strike means Toronto can temporarily stop whining about construction noise  blogTOView Full coverage on Google News

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