Does Your Boss Make You Feel Valued? Employee Recognition Programs Can Fix That Apr 26th

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From 2010 to 2019, Colliers—a commercial real estate company that employs 2,500 employees in Canada alone—held its annual Colliers Service Excellence Awards.

A panel of judges rewarded select employees for their outstanding work across the marketing, research, IT, HR, finance and accounting departments with a monetary perk (cash or credit towards vacation time), company recognition, and bragging rights. It was so competitive that some employees called it the “Colliers Oscars.” 

But after its near-decade run, the Toronto-based company wanted to refresh its employee recognition program. Amy Clark, Colliers’s senior vice president of people services for North America, says the awards started to “feel outdated and stale.”

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Feedback from Colliers’s employee engagement survey suggested there wasn’t enough transparency when it came to how people were nominated for awards, or what behaviour was recognition-worthy…

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