High interest rates and unemployment: Expectations for June’s rate announcement + MORE May 10th

How to go about securing the best return for your investment in Canada.
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Canada Goose, Lightspeed report earnings + MORE May 16th

Two Canadian companies report their fourth-quarter earnings this week, along with some other news. Canada Goose reports $5M Q4 profit, YOY revenue up 22% Canada Goose Holdings Inc. (TSX:GOOS) reported a profit in its fourth quarter compared with a loss a year earlier as its revenue rose 22%. T.... More »

How real estate is taxed during a separation or divorce + MORE May 15th

Ask MoneySense What happens if a married couple separates, and they own a family house and a cottage. The separation is amicable and the couple would like to split the assets, with the family house going to the wife and cottage going to the husband. Would that trigger any taxes? —Peter Sepa.... More »

The best high-interest savings accounts in Canada for 2024 May 18th

Save The best high-interest savings accounts in Canada for 2024 Here are the accounts offering the highest interest rates and lowest fees. Compare now Tap the button for more details. W.... More »

Making sense of the markets this week: May 19, 2024 + MORE May 17th

Kyle Prevost, creator of 4 Steps to a Worry-Free Retirement, Canada’s DIY retirement planning course, shares financial headlines and offers context for Canadian investors. Inflation is down, so stocks go up The correlation between lowering inflation rates and inflated stock prices conti.... More »

Nvidia forecast shatters estimates as AI boom stays strong - BNN Bloomberg + MORE May 22nd

Nvidia forecast shatters estimates as AI boom stays strong  BNN BloombergNvidia stock pops 4% after earnings beat forecasts, announcing stock split and dividend hike  Yahoo Canada FinanceNVIDIA Announces Financial Results for First Quarter Fiscal 2025  NVIDIA BlogDow Jo.... More »

Wealthsimple review 2024

– moneysense.ca

Since launching in 2014, Wealthsimple has developed a strong reputation for offering online, easy-to-use, low-fee financial services. It’s come a long way since its humble beginnings exclusively as a robo-advisor (now known as Invest). It now offers:

1.  Managed investing: This includes their robo-advisor and private equity options.

2.  Self-directed investing: Formerly its own app called Wealthsimple Trade. This includes stocks, ETFs and options trading.

3. Spend and save: Spending and saving accounts with a prepaid rewards debit card (Cash).

4. Tax filing: Online tax filing service formerly known as Wealthsimple Tax.

Which, if any, of these services are right for you? Here’s what you need to know about investing or trading with Wealthsimple, including its various product offerings, how it works, and their associated fees.

If you’ve used Wealthsimple in the past or used some of its products, know that while Invest, Trade and Cash were offered under separate apps, they’re now all part of just one Wealthsimple app—which has made the user experience more convenient…

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The best American Express credit cards in Canada for 2024
Which card is right for you? Here, we break down the top American Express credit cards by category to help you decide.

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In Canada, the role of an executor in administering a deceased person’s estate is both significant and complex. Executors play a crucial role in settling an estate, which involves tasks such as distributing assets, paying off debts and ensuring the deceased’s final wishes are carried out. In return for their efforts, executors are entitled to claim for compensation. However, the rules regarding executor compensation vary across provinces, and there are distinct benefits and pitfalls associated with this compensation.  

What is an executor?
An executor is a person named in your will who will be responsible, after you die, for making sure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes and that your estate is settled properly. This includes a wide range of activities, from filing a final tax return and cancelling your credit cards to giving away your jewellery or collectibles, and selling your home and investments.

Read the full definition of executor in the MoneySense Glossary…

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High interest rates and unemployment: Expectations for June’s rate announcementThe odds of a June interest rate cut from the Bank of Canada (BoC) appear to have fallen after the latest jobs report from Statistics Canada showed employment jumped by 90,000 last month. The jobs gain far surpassed forecasters’ expectations and marked the largest employment increase in more than a year.

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