High-speed rail connecting Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland worth the cost: report – Daily Hive + MORE Jul 16th

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Best Financial Advice for New Homeowners Sep 25th

After college expenses, choosing to purchase a home of any kind is the second largest expense you are likely to take on. The whole process, while intricate, doesn’t have to be complicated. However, it pays to be prepared. By taking the time to plan now and sticking to that plan, you could save.... More »

Top Stories: iOS 13.2 Beta, AirPods Leak, 'iPhone SE 2' in 2020, and More - MacRumors Oct 5th

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Horizons Swap ETFs: The Next Generation Sep 6th

It’s been a stressful few months for investors using the popular swap-based ETFs from Horizons. These funds have been available since 2011 and have attracted some $5.3 billion in assets because of their innovative, tax-efficient structure. But when the federal government released its budget in Mar.... More »

6 Ways Businesses Can Use Money Wisely + MORE Nov 19th

Of the many moving parts that go into running a business, the financial structure is arguably the most important one to manage. This stems from the fact that this structure is what dictates in what direction business can go. Also, it dictates how quickly they can go in that direction. For example, i.... More »

Who’s afraid of big, bad debt? Nov 21st

While intergenerational debate continues over who’s had the toughest time, financially speaking, Manulife Bank has just released the results of a survey that looks at Canadians’ attitudes towards debt. Of the 2,000 or so people surveyed, 94% believe “the average Canadian household is in too mu.... More »
Q. My partner and I have a child together, and recently moved in together. We are in our 30s, both with good careers, and are financially independent of each other. I am on maternity leave now and am not working. Would we have to file our tax return as common-law partners even though I am still financially supporting myself when not working?
A. The question of financial independence versus common-law status and, ultimately, the filing of your tax return are all very separate issues.
First, I cannot answer your question about whether you and your partner should file as common-law, as the answer to that question is best left to a tax accountant to determine. (These definitions of marital status from the Government of Canada will help you prepare for that conversation.)
What I can tell you is this: Sharing a child changes parts of your status when it comes to tax laws and how you file your returns, and it can also come into play if the relationship with your co-parent breaks down in the future…

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High-speed rail connecting Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland worth the cost: report  Daily HiveHigh speed rail from Vancouver to Seattle, Portland ‘worth the investment,’ study says  CBC NewsHigh-speed rail link would run from Vancouver to Seattle in under 1 hour: study  Vancouver SunThe business case for high speed rail – Seattle Transit Blog  seattletransitblog.comHigh-speed rail linking Vancouver-Seattle-Portland zips closer to reality  Vancouver Is AwesomeView full coverage on Google News

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