How much do children cost? The 'mommy tax' for women lasts at least 5 years, Royal Bank says + MORE Apr 1st

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MONEY.CA – Money Magazine and Money Media May 2nd

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HBC going private? - Business News - Jun 10th

HBC going private? - Business News  Castanet.netShareholders in HBC propose to take the company private  CBC NewsHBC stock has best day in years, up on news of asset sale, privatization plan  Yahoo Canada FinanceHudson’s Bay executive chair spearheading bid to take re.... More »
Having children comes at a “significant” cost for a woman’s career, according to a recent report from the Royal Bank of Canada, which says women lose earnings for up to five years after giving birth.

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Like many investors, Norman Levine was sure that interest rates were going to rise. He was so sure that he bought a number of rate-reset preferred shares, which are shares that reset their dividend every five years. If rates rise, those payouts climb. If not, they fall. Unfortunately, for Levine – and the many other investors who adjusted their portfolios thinking that rates were on a steady climb higher – long-term interest rates have fallen, while short-term rates may not be moving much this year either. “Our preferreds got clobbered,” says Levine, a managing director at Toronto’s Portfolio Management Corporation. 
Over the last year or so, portfolio managers, economists and journalists like me, have been talking about how interest rates are going to rise and the destruction that would cause in rate sensitive sectors, such as utilities, real estate investment trusts and telecoms. While we were right at first – between January 2 and October 1, 2018, the 10-year U.S. Treasury yield climbed by 33%, while the S&P/TSX Capped Utilities Index fell by 11…

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