How to Choose the Broker for Forex Trading + MORE Dec 5th

The “Big Five” Canadian banks offer investment funds and include Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto Dominion Bank (TD Canada Trust), Bank of Nova Scotia, Bank of Montreal and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC). Let’s explore the best place for you to invest.
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China's threats over Huawei CFO's arrest rattle Canadian business Dec 11th

As China continues to threaten Canada with unnamed “consequences” if it doesn't release the chief financial officer of Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei, some in Canada’s business community are openly worried about what’s coming next..... More »

CFO of Chinese tech giant Huawei arrested in Vancouver, sought by U.S. for extradition + MORE Dec 6th

Canadian officials have arrested Wanzhou Meng, the chief financial officer and deputy chairwoman of the board for the Chinese tech giant Huawei, CBC News has confirmed..... More »
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Cannabis producer Aphria's shares seesaw on 3rd day since short seller's attack + MORE Dec 5th

Shares in battered Canadian cannabis company Aphria seesaw after the company that sold them assets a short seller says are worthless defends the transaction..... More »

B.C. trade mission trip to China derailed in wake of Huawei executive's arrest Dec 9th

China's foreign ministry called in the U.S. ambassador on Sunday to lodge a "strong protest" over the arrest in Canada of Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.'s chief financial officer. China also cancelled meetings for a B.C. trade mission..... More »
Stock markets fell precipitously on Tuesday as weekend optimism that the U.S. and China could de-escalate their trade war fell by the wayside.

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How to Choose the Broker for Forex TradingWhen you decide to start trading within the forex market, naturally, there are many important factors to consider. These are likely to include setting your trade budget, and figuring out exactly what markets you wish to trade in when you are getting started. The very first port of call however, should be to choose your broker. This forex broker is the company who should be able to facilitate your every need when trading forex, a central hub for your trading career.
This includes platforms, education, markets, analysis, and many other elements. This is why choosing your forex broker is perhaps the most important step of the entire process.
Different Types of Forex Brokers
When engaging in forex online trading, you will notice there is no single type of broker. With this variety types comes your first important choice. Therefore, here is a brief rundown on the types of broker you will encounter when forex currency trading.
Dealing Desk
This type of broker, also known as a market-maker are an independent broker type who are literally making their own market positions and spreads…

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