How to make better financial decisions—without regret—in a crisis Jan 27th

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How to make better financial decisions—without regret—in a crisisHow do you make no-regret decisions when you are in crisis? You follow the guidelines in what I call the Decision Crisis Playbook. 

The Decision Crisis Playbook 

In this book, a decision crisis means you have to make big decisions at a really difficult time but your basic needs for food and shelter are met, and your personal freedoms and security are intact.

Don’t make decisions in panic mode. Find a hopeful outlook, even if just for a moment. Make long-term, values-based decisions versus short-term, relief-seeking decisions. Control what you can, if you can. Set boundaries, or guardrails, so you don’t run out of time or money. Embrace your next normal.

When you find yourself in a decision crisis, be it life altering or momentary, you can use the Decision Crisis Playbook to make no-regret decisions. The playbook works, it’s repeatable, and it will ensure you not only survive your decision crisis but thrive later, regardless of the outcome…

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