How to make the most of your compensation Jun 19th

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How much money do you make? Many people zero in on their paycheques when considering their compensation. Yet experts say workers should regularly check that they’re taking advantage of vacation time and other benefits, lest they leave money on the table. 

Employees often receive other considerations such as benefits and health insurance, said Cindy Marques, a certified financial planner and co-founder of MakeCents.

“That will result in dollars saved,” she said. “And essentially, dollars in your pocket when you think about not having to outlay that money yourself.” 

People often forget what’s included in their package or don’t keep up with changes to group plans, Marques said.

Make use of company perks and benefits

Jillian Climie, a compensation expert and co-founder of Vancouver-based consulting company The Thoughtful Co., said employees should take time to research and read up on what the company has to offer in perks and benefits before seeing a human resources representative…

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