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Canada’s best rewards credit cards 2020When choosing a good overall rewards card, you have to consider the entire package of goodies before making a final decision. Do you prefer a no fee card or are you willing to pay for perks? Are you more interested in spending bonuses, VIP lounge access, cash-back rewards or no blackout periods when booking travel? Whatever your criteria, there’s a card on this list to ensure you reap rewards as you spend.
The best rewards credit cards in Canada 2020

Annual fee

American Express Cobalt
(get more details)*

5 pts/$1 on groceries & dining
2 pts/$1 on travel, gas & transit
1 pt/$1 on everything else


Scotiabank Gold American Express
(get more details)

5 pts/$1 on groceries, dining & entertainment
3 pts/$1 on gas, transit & streaming services
1 pt/$1 on everything else
No FX fees


Tangerine Money-Back
(get more details)*

2% cash back in up to 3 spending categories
0.5% on everything else


Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite
(get more details)

4% cash back on groceries & recurring bills
2% on gas & daily transit
1% on everything else


AMEX SimplyCash Preferred
(get more details)*

2% cash back on everything


TD First Class Visa Infinite
(get more details)*

9 pts/$1 on travel (via ExpediaForTD)
3 pts/$1 on everything else


BMO World Elite
(get more details)*

3 pts/$1 on travel, dining, and entertainment
2 pts/$1 on everything else
Airport lounge access


PC Financial World Elite
(get more details)*

45 pts/$1 at Shoppers Drug Mart
30 pts/$1 at PC affiliate stores
30 pts/$1 on everything else


Rogers World Elite
(get more details)

3% on purchases in U…

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How to Shop for Title Loans Online: The Complete GuideCar title loans have recently become a popular option for people who need a quick source of cash. Title loans are particularly useful for individuals with a negative credit history who need access to a loan.
What is a car title loan?
A car title loan is a type of short-term loan. It is quite similar to a payday loan, however, it usually has a substantially lower interest rate because your car is used as security against the loan.
While a car title loan has a lower interest rate than a payday loan (which sometimes will have an APR or annual percentage rate of 1000 percent or more), the interest rate you will pay is significantly higher than most traditional loans from banks and other financial institutions.
If you are thinking about getting a car title loan, there are many things you should take into account. You’ll need to consider certain things very carefully when shopping around for the most suitable lender. Let’s take a look at these in more detail below.
What is the online application process like?
Different lenders will sometimes have very different application procedures for title loans…

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