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It happens so fast you could miss it. But in their teens, kids need to start moving from thinking about money in small amounts (weekly) to larger amounts (monthly). “They should start getting more money for longer periods of time, but now they also need to start taking personal responsibility for .... More »

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How a Government Worker Extorted Millions From Canadian BusinessesOn a Friday night in August 2020, Arthur Keech was working late from his home office in Vancouver. Keech is an IT manager for Amacon, a large real estate developer. He had only been in the role for about seven months when he received a curious note from one of his colleagues: They had tried to open a network file but couldn’t. Keech figured it was an error—someone had screwed up a file name. But when he went to log into the company’s operating system, he couldn’t. “That’s weird,” he thought. He used a different login and managed to gain access, but he only needed to take one look to realize he had a big problem.

Keech immediately noticed that all of the file extensions had been changed from the standard .doc to “random garbage.” And when he tried to access any of the Windows files, a note popped up: “Hi! Your files are encrypted,” it began. Keech’s heart was pounding. He knew exactly what was happening: It was a ransomware attack. Someone, or some group of people, had exploited a technical vulnerability or used social engineering—like phishing—to hack into his company’s system…

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