Making sense of the markets this week: January 22, 2023 Jan 20th

TSX getting you down? There are always sound investment alternatives.
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Bed Bath & Beyond announces plan to raise $1 billion, stock falls 24% - Yahoo Canada Finance + MORE Feb 6th

Bed Bath & Beyond announces plan to raise $1 billion, stock falls 24%  Yahoo Canada FinanceBed Bath & Beyond Plans Share Sale in Bid to Avoid Bankruptcy  BNN BloombergBed Bath & Beyond moves to raise $1 bln to avoid bankruptcy  Reuters.comBed Bath & Beyo.... More »
 stock split

Bernice is debt free and has savings, but wonders if she should start investing in the stock market + MORE Jan 30th

The 35-year-old millennial has her financial house largely in order, says investment adviser Jason Heath, but she may want to consider stock investments in addition to her TFSA and savings accounts.... More »
 canadian savings bond

How to make better financial decisions—without regret—in a crisis Jan 27th

How do you make no-regret decisions when you are in crisis? You follow the guidelines in what I call the Decision Crisis Playbook.  The Decision Crisis Playbook  In this book, a decision crisis means you have to make big decisions at a really difficult time but your basic needs .... More »

Are ETFs a good investment for an all-weather portfolio? + MORE Feb 2nd

For retirees and near retirees, it can sometimes seem like there’s no such thing as a “safe” investment—especially now. Even bonds and bond funds, typically considered the safest of investments—suffered losses in 2022, as central banks hiked interest rates. Meanwhile, stocks look determine.... More »

Stock market news live updates: Stocks rally, Intel craters, as inflation data cools - Yahoo Canada Finance Jan 27th

Stock market news live updates: Stocks rally, Intel craters, as inflation data cools  Yahoo Canada FinanceU.S. stocks retreat as traders weigh earnings, PCE data  BNN BloombergStocks Jump As Recession Fears Ease  BarchartNasdaq 100 Heading for Best Week Since November: .... More »
Kyle Prevost, editor of Million Dollar Journey and founder of the Canadian Financial Summit, shares financial headlines of the week and offers context for Canadian investors.

Are central banks smarter than we thought—or are they just lucky?

The world’s central banks faced plenty of criticism over the last 12 months, with skyrocketing inflation data dominating the headlines. Market watchers might not-so-fondly remember the whole “transitory” debate.  

Here’s a potentially unpopular take on things: Central bankers may have got it right more often than they got it wrong. The pain of quick interest rate increases has caused people to forget the desperation of early 2020, when faith in the economy (and our ability to collectively stay alive) was plummeting. Central bankers around the world threw everything (plus the kitchen sink) at the anemic pandemic economy. And they successfully prevented a Great Depression-type of spiral. If its cost turns out to be getting a little behind the inflation curve—before successfully catching back up in a year or two—that price is pretty low, historically speaking…

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