Making sense of the markets this week: September 14 + MORE Sep 11th

The “Big Five” Canadian banks offer investment funds and include Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto Dominion Bank (TD Canada Trust), Bank of Nova Scotia, Bank of Montreal and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC). Let’s explore the best place for you to invest.
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The scoop: What Canadian investors need to know now Sep 16th

For those who like surprises, the stock markets have not disappointed in 2020. The S&P 500 surged to new heights despite the economy-clenching COVID-19 pandemic powering around the globe, and individual investors’ participation in trading reached a 10-year high during the first half of this ye.... More »
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A second wave of COVID-19 could send the markets spinning this fall — here’s how to prepare Sep 22nd

Don’t have all your investment eggs in one basket, advises Clever Girl Finance author Bola Sokunbi, who emphasizes the importance of diversifying..... More »

MEC to be acquired by Kingswood Capital through CCAA proceeding - CTV News Vancouver Sep 14th

MEC to be acquired by Kingswood Capital through CCAA proceeding  CTV News VancouverMEC to be acquired by private U.S. investment firm  CBC.caMEC to be acquired by Kingswood Capital Management through CCAA Proceeding  Canada NewsWireMEC to be sold to private corporation&.... More »

The right way to sell stocks during COVID-19 + MORE Sep 18th

It’s becoming increasingly likely that the economic recovery from COVID-19 will be long and drawn out, which is not good considering that 3 million have been laid off over the last two months. Since the crisis began in Canada, MoneySense has been telling readers to hang tight with their portfolio .... More »

Traveler By Day, Trader By Night + MORE Sep 24th

Trading stocks is a great way to earn extra money from anywhere in the world. Thanks to the advancement of technology, it has never been easier to track your investments and make quick decisions, even without a broker. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of trading without a broker, how .... More »
Making sense of the markets this week: September 14Each week, Cut the Crap Investing founder Dale Roberts shares financial headlines and offers context for Canadian investors. 
Tesla snubbed by the S&P 500, and now it’s getting hit on all sides
What a difference a week can make.
In last week’s column, we discussed how Tesla’s valuation was enough to buy six major global automakers. Dan Hallet of Highview Financial Group tweeted: 
Source: Twitter
And now? Tesla’s stock was down nearly 35% from last Tuesday, Sept. 1, to Thursday, Sept. 10. In addition, the electric carmaker also created a massive number of new shares, reducing the percentage of ownership of the company for current shareholders. On Sept. 1, Tesla announced plans to sell up to about $5 billion in new shares. That cut the price of each share by one-fifth. On September 8, Tesla announced it had completed that sale. 
The electric carmaker is getting hit on all sides. In addition to the valuation fears, it’s soon to face competition: GM has teamed up with Nikola Corporation with a plan to create electric-powered pickup trucks…

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Credit cards have become ubiquitous, used to pay for everything from gas to travel to home delivery. Managed properly, they’re also essential financial tools, allowing cardholders to build credit, earn cash back or travel points, and gain valuable perks, like insurance or purchase protection. Carrying a balance, however, changes everything. “Credit card debt is very high-interest debt, typically in the neighbourhood of 20% or more,” says Scott Hannah, president and CEO of Credit Counselling Society. At that rate, even a modest balance can spiral quickly out of control. 
If you’re holding a balance on your credit card, paying it off is task number one, so you can once again enjoy its benefits. Here are 10 solid tips to help you get to a $0 balance, faster.
1. Examine your spending habits 
It might seem obvious, but you can’t improve on something if you don’t understand it.  “Typically, when someone comes to us looking for help, our first goal is to look at their expenditures and balance their budget,” says Hannah…

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