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Saving for university isn’t always top of mind when you’re a busy new parent, knee-deep in diapers. Add the steep cost of daycare along with the stress of trying to juggle work and toddlerhood, and setting aside funds for your child’s post-secondary education can feel like an insurmountable task parents have neither time nor money for. And, so, it gets put off. According to an August 2020 report from Statistics Canada, 50% of all post-secondary students graduate with a median debt of $17,500. 
Faced with the economic uncertainty brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, longer-term financial planning may not feel like a priority for some families. But the truth is that putting a plan in place for your child’s post-secondary education is more important than ever now; with the end of the pandemic still uncertain, it’s a way to start getting ahead of future uncertainty. The good news is that CST Spark makes setting up a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) a snap. Parents can control exactly how much or how little they want to contribute at any given time…

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Q. We have had a family RESP for many years with three beneficiaries: a son of mine from a previous marriage and two kids of our own. I have been the only subscriber for the RESP as it is my understanding that in order for there to be joint subscribers (that is, myself and my wife), all beneficiaries must have a blood relationship with all subscribers. That rules out my wife as a joint subscriber, as she obviously does not have a blood relationship with my son from my prior marriage.
 If my understanding above is correct, how does it work if I want to name a successor subscriber in my will? Can I name my wife, as she would then be the sole subscriber in the event of my passing? If not, who could I appoint?
A. Bill, you’re good. Your wife can be a joint subscriber without literally being a “blood relative.” Here’s confirmation from the Government of Canada website, in sections 4(f) and (g).
Joint subscribers can be the parents, guardians; spouses or common-law spouses. 
With that cleared up, I need to ask: Have you given any thought as to RESP contribution strategies?
Most people aim to contribute $2,500 a year, in order to maximize the annual grant of $500, which is 20% of $2,500…

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