Sears Canada's court monitor opposes priority for pensioners over other creditors + MORE Sep 11th

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3 Secrets to Building Your Wealth


3 Secrets to Building Your WealthIs there a secret to building wealth? Yes and no. Yes, there is a secret that wealthy individuals have used over the centuries. No, there is no secret because the information has been hiding in plain sight.
There are three parts to this secret.
First, you must work hard at a profitable trade. Unless you can offer people genuine value, people will not pay you. Still, it’s not easy to do good work. It takes years of study and practice to get good at anything.
Second, you must keep some of what you earn. If you spend all that you earn, then you won’t be able to save enough to invest.
Third, you must study the fascinating world of investments and risk some of your savings. When you learn how to invest, then your money begins to make money for you. When that happens, you no longer have to trade in your time to generate an income.
There is more to this story, of course, but these are the three kernels that will sprout your wealth tree.
Let’s take a closer look at the third kernel: investments…

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A court-appointed monitor for the Sears Canada bankruptcy process says it opposes a proposal that would effectively allocate all the failed retailer’s remaining assets to the company’s underfunded pensions.

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