This Marketing Pro Increased Their Salary by $100K by Moving From Sports to Start-Ups + MORE Apr 17th

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Want to make more money at work? Of course you do. For our series The Top Up, Canadians across different industries tell us exactly how much they earn—and how they navigated every raise, promotion and job change to get it. Each month, a different executive shares their journey and their best advice for how you can better negotiate your salary, too. This month, a Toronto-based marketing director who works at a real estate start-up tells CB how they used networking and industry hopping to land a higher salary and better job.

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Current job title: Marketing directorIndustry: TechLocation: Toronto

First full-time job salary: $30,000 in 2012 as a marketing coordinator for a software development company 

Before I graduated from Queen’s with a bachelor of commerce in 2012, I had a four-month paid marketing coordinator internship with a software development company where I copy edited, researched competitors, built slide decks and reviewed RFPs…

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