Timing the withdrawal of RRSP savings to minimize your tax hit Sep 13th

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Q. I’ve been fully retired since 2018, and living only on government pension (QPP, OAS and GIS). I have some RRSP and TFSA investments, and would like some help with determining when I should start withdrawing funds—and whether I will need to pay tax. I’ll be turning 71 in December 2021. 
From whom do I seek out advice on this—my financial advisor, where I have my investments, or an accountant? And when would be the best time to seek it?
A. I hear your concern, Ellen. You’ve done the right thing, wanting to be independent in retirement by making investments inside your RRSP, but now you’re facing taxable withdrawals and a reduction in your Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) benefit. 
You’re asking who you should seek advice from and, in this case, going to your financial planner first may be best. They will assess your situation and refer you to an accountant if needed. 
Even before you go to your financial planner, though, I want to help you brush up on your knowledge of RRIF withdrawals and the GIS…

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