Top financial innovations of the last 25 years + MORE Feb 27th

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Every year, MoneySense partners with Zoocasa, a consumer real estate search platform, to identify the best places to buy real estate in Canada. By revisiting the data annually, some clear trends have emerged. For example, Toronto and Vancouver have ranked near the bottom in recent years, while some smaller markets have consistently ranked well. In this video, MoneySense senior editor Justin Dallaire joins The Wealthy Life with Sybil Verch to discuss the research behind the rankings and what has driven Canadian real estate prices so high.

The best places to buy real estate in Canada
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You know that feeling of being so engaged in a book or so focused on your bike ride that everything else vanishes and time just flies by? Psychologists call that a “flow state.” Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, a highly respected figure in psychology, was renowned for his research on happiness and creativity, and he coined the concept of “flow.” Flow is a deeply satisfying state that immerses us entirely in the moment, allowing for creativity, productivity and happiness. It can help us add more richness to our lives. And it can impact our finances, too.

How much should you spend on well-being?

The answer to how much you should spend on well-being really comes down to… it depends. Yes, this might sound like a cop-out; however, like many areas of our financial lives, we must consider various factors. With that in mind, let’s start with a simple rule-of-thumb budgeting strategy called the 50/20/30.

The 50/20/30 budget rule is a straightforward and effective method for managing our finances…

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Welcome to CB’s personal-finance advice column, Make It Make Sense, where each month experts answer reader questions on complex investment and personal-finance topics and break them down in terms we can all understand. This month, Zoe Wolpert, a chartered investment manager and senior advisor at money-management platform Wealthsimple, tackles tax strategies to improve your long-term investments. Have a question about your finances? Send it to

Q: Aside from remembering to maximize my RRSP contributions before the end of February, what other tax strategies can I be taking advantage of to improve my long-term investment performance?

While talking about taxes can feel about as fun as doing seven loads of laundry on a Friday night, it’s worth it. Tax strategies can be very important, especially as your income increases. With just a few smart tactics, you could keep thousands of extra dollars a year in your own pocket. Or better yet, invested…

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Top financial innovations of the last 25 years

To mark MoneySense’s 25th anniversary, we dove into the top innovations that have changed personal finance since this magazine was founded in 1999. From new registered accounts and investment products to online services and developments in artificial intelligence, these are some of the biggest—the ones we can hardly imagine living without today.

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1. 1999: The Canada Revenue Agency—then called the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency—introduced Netfile, enabling Canadians to file their tax returns electronically. In its first year, only 530 Canadians filed using this service. But in 2023, nearly 10.5 million Canadians used Netfile for their 2022 tax return.

2. 1999: Kanetix became Canada’s first comparison site for personal finance products, with an initial focus on insurance quotes. It acquired in 2015, and later took on the name Ratesdotca. Kanetix paved the way for comparison sites like Ratehub…

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