Understanding Risk In Commercial Real Estate Investing May 15th

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Understanding Risk In Commercial Real Estate InvestingManaging risk is an essential part of investing in any asset class. Risk and return are positively correlated in many asset classes, and real estate is no exception. This is the reasoning behind the idiom, “the higher the risk, the higher the reward.”
That’s why investors need to understand the different types of risk they face when investing in a specific asset class. This article will explore the different types of risks investors face when investing in commercial real estate.
Let’s dig in.
Different Risk Types CRE Investors Need To Be Aware Of
All investments come with risk. The experienced investor knows how to read the markets and manage risk accordingly. Even if you aren’t investing in commercial real estate directly and instead are investing through REITs, REIT ETFs, or crowdfunded CRE platforms, it’s essential to understand the risks of the asset class.
There are seven types of risk commercial real estate investors analyze when deciding whether or not to invest in a CRE project…

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