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When you write a will, it is your opportunity to ensure your final financial and other wishes are carried out by your executors. given how many people have no will at all, I am happy to see technology is making it easier to prepare and sign a will without having to leave home. But there are circumstances where a little creativity may be worth considering, and that generally requires guidance from an experienced estate lawyer. 
I often talk to clients about estate planning, and sometimes those discussions involve planning for a meeting with a lawyer. Here are a few ideas to fuel your own discussions.
If you have young kids
The math I like to bring people through is meant to help them to understand the value of their estate. This is generally calculated as:
Value of estate = (assets + insurance) – (debt + income tax + estate costs) 
Real estate values are so high in some cities that estate values have risen considerably, even for middle class families. However, insurance is also a big consideration…

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