What Is A Robo-Advisor, And How Can It Help You? Apr 10th

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Energy stocks fail to lift Toronto market, U.S. markets pare recent gains Apr 11th

Canada's main stock index ended down slightly Wednesday despite strong gains in energy and gold stocks, while U.S. markets retreated from a rally a day earlier..... More »
What Is A Robo-Advisor, And How Can It Help You?If you’re late to the party, you may be coming across a new type of software online called a Robo-Advisor. Whether you are a current DIY investor or someone who is just looking to enter the markets, they can be an amazing tool to utilize.
A Robo-Advisor is essentially an automated process wherein the software determines an investment portfolio that works for you, and consistently balances your portfolio to always meet your requirements. How do they find your requirements? It can be as easy as a simple questionnaire. I am a passionate stock-picker, so I’ve never actually invested with a Robo-Advisor. But I decided for our most recent Wealthsimple review that I would create an account and actually go through the process of getting set up with one. In this piece, I’m going to explain some of the benefits of working with a Robo-Advisor and how they can save you time, stress, and most of all, money.
Robo-Advisors fees are ridiculously cheap
In almost all cases, picking your own stocks or ETFs is going to be the lowest cost choice for an investor…

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