When does the “plus 1” rule apply to a principal residence?  + MORE Jan 23rd

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If I am willed a house and prefer to sell my primary residence to move into the inherited house, do I pay capital tax on the sale of my house?Is it better to be on title of the house I will inherit, even though I own another house, or leave it as an inherited house only to save taxes?—Doris

Tax implications of inheriting a second property

When someone dies owning real estate, there may or may not be tax payable. Death results in a deemed disposition, as if you sold all of your assets the day you die. If the real estate qualified as the principal residence of the deceased for all years they owned it, it would be tax-free to their estate. If some or all of the capital gain is taxable, their estate would pay tax accordingly on the final tax return of the owner.

When you receive an inheritance, Doris, it is tax-free to you as a beneficiary. The fair market value of a capital asset like real estate at the time you inherit it becomes your cost base for capital gains tax purposes.

Say, for example, you kept the inherited house and used it as a rental property, renting it to tenants…

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Book review: The Intelligent Fund Investor by Joe WigginsWow! I just finished Joe Wiggins’ new book, The Intelligent Fund Investor (Harriman House, November 2022). What a great read—I’d recommend it for both DIY and professional investors. There’s no fluff, and I comfortably read through every chapter, right to the end—something I don’t always do.

What makes fund investors intelligent?

Author Joe Wiggins

As the book’s title suggests, this is about fund investing, which includes exchange-traded funds (ETFs). And Wiggins sets out to answer the question: “What does it take to be an intelligent fund investor?”

All you need is a sound set of beliefs supported by evidence and the ability to manage your own behaviour, he writes. And that’s it. Possessing those two elements will position you for a successful investment experience. 

Using evidence and entertaining anecdotes, Wiggins justifies his position through 10 compelling chapters. Here are their titles below. As you read them, I encourage you to reflect upon your investment experiences and consider how each chapter may relate to you…

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