Which savings plans should a 37-year-old with a military disability income contribute to, and when? Jul 28th

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Q. I am 37 with a military disability income that will pay monthly until I die. Could you give your advice on which savings plans I should be investing in, and the order in which I should make my investments?
To date, I contribute to my and my spouse’s registered disability savings plan (RDSP), then our TFSAs. When I max out these savings plans, should I contribute to a RRSP, or should I use an unregistered trading account?
A. Structuring your cash flow so that you have more money coming in than going out is an important first step in the retirement planning process. But once you have that extra cash flow, deciding the best ways to allocate it is not always simple.
I would generally prioritize paying off high interest-rate debt like credit cards before saving, but I will assume that is not a consideration for you and your wife, Jason. 
It sounds as though you both qualify for the disability tax credit (DTC), which is a requirement to open a registered disability savings plan (RDSP)…

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