Why You Should Trade With Rakuten Brokers Sep 13th

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Why You Should Trade With Rakuten BrokersThe first step before beginning Forex trading is to look for a broker who is not only reliable but also able to maximize your investment. Are you looking for a broker to help you in your Forex trading?  Look no further. Rakuten brokers are the best choice for you and this article will help you see why.
As part of the Rakuten Securities Inc. located in Japan, Rakuten brokers brag of a 2.2M clients in Asia Pacific region only with subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Australia and the recently opened branch in Malaysia. Their worldwide presence has been attributed to the broker’s ability to offer tight spreads and specialized customer treatment among other attributes highlighted below.
Security Regulations
Different subsidiaries of Rakuten Securities Inc. fall under different regulatory bodies as they are located in different parts of the globe and Forex laws and regulations differ from one nation to another. In Australia for example the Rakuten brokers are regulated by Australia Securities and Investment Commission while in Japan the brokers fall under the Financial Agency of Japan…

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