Workspace of the Month: Inside SSENSE’s State-Of-The-Art Montreal HQ + MORE May 31st

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You’ve finished school and are looking to start your career with a first “real” job. But you also need money, fast. Let’s face it, adulting can be challenging when you’re paying off student debt, potentially moving out on your own and learning to pay your bills. 

So, what do you do? Here, we’ll explain the financial perks and other benefits to consider when comparing job offers. This way, you can prioritize what’s most important to you—before signing on the dotted line. 

Three money perks to keep in mind for your first job 

Employment can offer many different kinds of financial benefits. Although salary is often the first one we think of when starting a job hunt, other perks can add to your total earnings. Here are the top three financial incentives to consider that can make a big impact on your life.

1. Bonuses and commissions 

On top of your base salary, you may be presented with different bonus offers. This may include a signing bonus when you first start with the company or a performance-based, year-end bonus…

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Workspace of the Month: Inside SSENSE’s State-Of-The-Art Montreal HQMontreal-based retailer SSENSE has a global following not just for its curated selection of streetwear and luxury fashion but also for its distinct point of view—cool, confident and cutting edge.

It’s an unmistakable vibe that’s consistent at all touch points: on its clutter-free website and app, at its David Chipperfield-designed flagship store in Old Montreal and in its unassuming corporate headquarters in the Garment District. “Our office is very understated, which is a lot of what we’re about,” says chief people officer Julie Forman.

An early adopter of a less-is-more aesthetic, SSENSE fashioned its open-concept space in a brutalist style. It was designed by local firm Atelier Barda, which created custom fixtures like concrete Chabanel chairs that sit amid dozens of tropical plants in black resin planters.

The minimalist reception area is flooded with natural light thanks to wall-to-wall windows

You won’t find any blue-chip artwork on the white walls or any corner offices or other status signalling; members of the C-suite share the same space as every other staff member, and the flashiest thing about it is its unobstructed view of the city, stretching from Olympic Stadium to St…

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