Bank of Canada Leaves Interest Rate at 1.75%, Markets React + MORE Jan 23rd

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Bank of Canada Leaves Interest Rate at 1.75%, Markets React
As was widely expected, the Bank of Canada left the target overnight rate unchanged this morning at 1.75%, where it’s sat since October 2018.
The Bank noted a few positive developments, but focused more on the downside risks.
“The global economy is showing signs of stabilization, and some recent trade developments have been positive,” reads the statement. “However, there remains a high degree of uncertainty and geopolitical tensions have re-emerged, with tragic consequences.”
The Bank gave little indication about future monetary policy, saying only: “In determining the future path for the Bank’s policy interest rate, Governing Council will be watching closely to see if the recent slowdown in growth is more persistent than forecast. In assessing incoming data, the Bank will be paying particular attention to developments in consumer spending, the housing market, and business investment.”
Market Reaction
Bond yields, which lead fixed mortgage rates, fell strongly following the announcement…

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CMHC’s Siddall Won’t Seek Another Term


One of Canada’s most vocal advocates for stricter mortgage rules has announced he will be stepping down at the end of this year. Evan Siddall, who served as President and CEO of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) since 2014, won’t be seeking another term once his ends, according to spokeswoman Audrey-Anne Coulombe. “A selection process for a new President and CEO will start in the coming months,” Coulombe told Bloomberg. “This will be an open and transparent process […]

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