Best of Finance Winners: The Best Credit Cards and Banking Products for 2019 + MORE Oct 10th

Mortgages in Canada can be a murky subject – one that we hope to shed some light on with a series of highly informational articles.
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The internet is great for researching infomation, ratings and even advice. With so much available data, it’s hard to decide which is accurate, reliable or even truthful. Take this site for example. If this is your first visit then you may not be aware of all my credentials nor how accurate .... More »

Latest in Mortgage News: Newton Launches Rate Search Engine “Discovery” + MORE Oct 13th

Newton Connectivity Systems this week launched its new broker rate search engine, Discovery. The system, which also serves as a rate distributor for lenders, promises to improve efficiency and the quality of service brokers can provide to their clients, Kevin Dear, VP of Broker Experience at Newton,.... More »
Best of Finance Winners: The Best Credit Cards and Banking Products for 2019 aims to make financial decision-making easier for the consumer by acknowledging the best credit cards and banking products in Canada at its annual Best of Finance Awards. (Originally published May 15, 2019)
The credit card, loan, bank account, or mortgage you choose can affect how the future of your money, how investors and lenders look at your portfolio, potential job offers, the type of house you can rent or buy, and even the type of cell phone plan you get (pro tip: good credit may mean better deals!).
That being said, the world of personal finance, credit and investing can be a daunting one to navigate. Everyone has a unique lifestyle and budget which may lead them to choose a specific credit card or banking product over another. And it’s imperative to do your research before signing on the dotted line. With so many options available, choosing the best product can be difficult.
That’s why we at annually audit Canadian credit cards and banking accounts to see how they stack up against each other…

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Q3 2019 Bank Earnings – Mortgage Morsels


Canada’s big banks saw moderate mortgage growth in the third quarter in the midst of worsening macro economic conditions. The headwinds seem most pronounced for CIBC, which announced recently that it’s in the process of reorienting its mortgage strategy after “falling short” for investors. The bank, which has nearly 45% of its mortgage portfolio comprised […]

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