Bond Yields Are Rising. Are Fixed Mortgage Rates Next? + MORE Sep 29th

Learn more about Canadian mortgage rates, rules and the latest news – read on!
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Canada’s best credit cards for people with bad credit 2021 + MORE Oct 14th

Conventional wisdom may lead you to believe that if you have bad credit, you should swear off credit cards. But if you want to improve your credit score, you’ll have to show you can handle credit responsibly—and the only way to do that is (you guessed it) to have a credit card. When used properl.... More »

Buying vs. Renting: Homeowners Come Out Ahead, Study Says Oct 2nd

Despite higher home prices and larger mortgages, monthly housing costs are currently lower for homeowners—on average—compared to renters..... More »

What is a mortgage broker? Oct 17th

Mortgage brokers are a highly regulated specialized alternative to Canada’s big banks. But what is a mortgage broker exactly? And, When it comes to the purchase of your home, why would you choose a broker over a mortgage specialist at your bank?  Get the mortgage rate that works for you.Fin.... More »
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Despite Uncertainty, Canadians Are Keeping Up With Mortgage Payments + MORE Oct 5th

You might have heard some sensationalist news stories over the past year about Canadian homeowners over-borrowing. With the employment rate so low, and mortgage debt so high, how could Canadians possibly keep up with their payments? Headlines spewed dire warnings that once payment deferrals expired,.... More »
Some of Canada’s Big 6 banks made headlines last week by lowering fixed mortgage rates, but might they soon have to pull a U-turn?

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Bad credit and a bad credit history happen for a number of reasons: You lost a job, you forgot (or were unable) to pay your bills, you’re new to a country. We’ve been warned about what can happen because of bad credit—you won’t qualify for the best interest rates for mortgages or other types of loans, and, as a result, end up paying more to borrow; and, in some cases, you may not qualify for a mortgage at all. Don’t be discouraged. Even if your credit history and credit score aren’t the best right now, you can still qualify for a mortgage. If you have bad credit, your mortgage contract may come with more terms and more paperwork. But know that bad credit isn’t forever. And, for that matter, neither is a mortgage. 

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Good vs. bad credit: What is a good credit score? 

Your credit score is calculated based on the length of your credit history, your payment history and the amount of debt that you’re carrying…

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