Climbing Debt, Diminishing Savings Highlighted in CBC Documentary Mar 6th

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Home Sales Fall Sharply From January + MORE Mar 15th

The Canadian Real Estate Association reported today that national home sales plunged 9% from January to February, with 75% of local markets, including all major cities, recording fewer transactions. It’s not the first time CREA has reported such a steep month-over-month decline—home sales also d.... More »
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Locked Out of the Market: How the Mortgage Stress Test Could Be Hurting Homebuyers Mar 12th

It was created with the intention of saving Canadians from becoming over-burdened with their mortgages, but some critics of the Canadian government’s mortgage stress test say it is slamming the door on first-time homebuyers who would otherwise be able to break into the market. In a recent opi.... More »

CMHC reports annual pace of housing starts slowed in February + MORE Mar 9th

The housing agency said Friday the annual pace of housing starts slowed in February as higher mortgage rates and other economic conditions soften demand. Economists had expected an annual pace of 205,000 for the month but instead fell to 173,153 units..... More »
Climbing Debt, Diminishing Savings Highlighted in CBC Documentary
When it comes to debt management, many Canadians are struggling to keep up, with their housing situation being a source of stress. That was one of the key takeaways from the latest episode of CBC Television’s The Stats of Life, which focused on Canadian statistics surrounding savings (or lack thereof) and debt. The program found more than half of Canadians have their money tied up in their house, with mounting consumer debt at the same time. 41 percent of them say they simply “feel trapped.”
The program looked at families across Canada; one family, in Alberta, is facing the difficult but not uncommon problem of carrying a large debt load (in this case, $100K), which they’ve had to consolidate into their mortgage. With limited economic prospects and falling house prices in the area due to the downturn in the oil sector, their home’s value has declined significantly and simply selling off property is not the lucrative option it once was. Their existing equity has been their lifeline, allowing them to pay off other debts, but it does little to actually reduce debt load…

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