CMHC consumer survey reveals the importance of follow-up contact by mortgage brokers + MORE May 13th

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Fixed mortgage rates surge higher as bond yields break above 4% Aug 21st

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2024 housing market and interest rate forecasts + MORE Dec 28th

2023 was a year that tested the resilience of Canadian mortgage holders. And as we look forward, there's optimism that 2024 will be the year of rate relief..... More »
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The best credit cards for newcomers to Canada for 2024 + MORE Feb 2nd

Credit Cards The best credit cards for newcomers to Canada for 2024 As a newcomer, you’ll want a credit card that offers you the best value without having a long Canadian credit history. Here’s a list of our favourite cash back, rewards, low-interest cards and more. .... More »

OSFI report reveals largely unknown mortgage exemption: no stress test on insured switches + MORE Oct 23rd

Many in the mortgage industry reacted with surprise after learning about a little but very important nugget buried in an OSFI report released earlier this week..... More »
After a series of rate hikes, many of Canada’s variable rate mortgage holders are feeling the pain, and fixed-rate borrowers aren’t faring much better.

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Virtually every client to whom Nicole Hayes recommends Manulife One ultimately chooses it as their mortgage product. They are also more likely to provide positive feedback and referrals. While it may take a little extra time to educate them about the unique product, the Langley, B.C.-based mortgage expert says that once clients understand what it can offer, they almost always choose it. “If it’s not a great fit for them, then I don’t recommend it,” says Hayes. “If I’ve determined […]

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After facing building pressure to host his own podcast, Ron Butler–one of the biggest names in the mortgage industry—this week launched his inaugural episode.

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There was a simple but important lesson for mortgage brokers in CMHC’s 2023 Consumer Survey released Wednesday: follow-up contact leads to more satisfied clients.

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Despite facing sharply higher mortgage rates on their mortgage renewals, Equitable Bank says its borrowers have so far shown “remarkable resilience.”

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