Good debt and Bad debt…. do we Canadians recognize the difference? Oct 25th

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I saw this article from earlier this year about Good debt and Bad debt.  Canadian Personal debt levels have now surpassed $2.21 trillion.  That’s a big number, should we be concerned?  I started to wonder how much of this is Bad debt?  Let’s take a closer look at these stats.
First, let’s define Good debt. I agree with the article, to me, it’s debt that is used to accumulate an investment or asset and if it’s an investment then you may be able to deduct the interest costs from your income, making it tax-deductible.  Investments like a rental property, stocks, bonds, etc would qualify. Borrowing to invest in a rental property is good debt and you can deduct the mortgage interest and other property-related costs from the rental income.
Bad debt is an expense where the interest is not tax-deductible and is used to purchase consumer goods. Things like borrowing for a vacation, a 60″ TV, that new computer, or leather sofa, etc.  Hey, we all spend some money on these items, the key is to have some discipline…

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