How much income do I need to qualify for a mortgage in Canada? + MORE Jun 20th

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Lenders across the country, including three of Canada’s Big 6 banks, are once again busy slashing fixed mortgage rates—a welcome sign for those facing renewal in the coming months.

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The Bank of Canada made a long-awaited rate cut on June 5, but the effects of lower mortgage rates have yet to trickle down into housing market data. That was evident in May, as real estate affordability continued to worsen for would-be home buyers.

The latest monthly affordability report from, which calculates the minimum income required to qualify for a mortgage for the average-priced home in Canada’s major markets, found the measure increased in 11 of the 13 cities studied. (Ratehub and MoneySense are both owned by Ratehub Inc.)  

The report analyzes regional real estate data, as well as mortgage and stress test rates, to see how affordability is changing in real time. In May, the average five-year fixed mortgage rate was 5.49%, resulting in a mortgage stress test rate of 7.49%. (The mortgage stress test requires borrowers to prove they can afford a mortgage at a rate 2% higher than the one they get from their lender.)

May’s decline in affordability was due to a combination of stagnant interest rates—which were little changed from April—and a short-term uptick in home prices in most Canadian cities…

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