How the mortgage stress test is impacting qualification amounts + MORE Jun 22nd

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The Canadian mortgage stress test, explained + MORE Jul 19th

The Canadian mortgage stress test applies to anyone applying for a mortgage, refinancing their current home loan, or renegotiating the terms of their mortgage contract with a federally regulated lender. And while provincially regulated lenders have more flexibility when it comes to mortgage app.... More »

Before you buy, here’s how to compare home insurance + MORE Aug 6th

Home insurance is important, but no one loves paying for it. That’s why people like to open their browsers and search for “cheap home insurance” and “how to save on home insurance.”  Any insurance professional will tell you that there’s no easy answer for cheap and full coverage,.... More »

5 surprises to avoid when switching mortgages before your term ends + MORE Jul 31st

These days, being a home owner with a mortgage can feel like you’ve ordered the chicken dinner before realizing there was a steak special. You orchestrate a last-minute switch before your meal arrives, and it’s only once your overcooked steak is served that you know you’ve made a mistake. .... More »

The Latest in Mortgage News: RBC downgrades its housing market forecast + MORE Jul 28th

RBC says it expects the country's housing correction to "deepen" in the coming months with resale activity and prices falling more than expected..... More »
When super-organizer Marie Kondo told viewers of her hit Netflix series to jettison household items that neither brought joy nor had a purpose, her advice sounded to me like a great method for cleaning up personal finances, too. While you can’t just do away with your mortgage or car insurance payments, taking a decluttering approach to your finances can help you get them in order, create better money habits and get a clear picture of your goals. And just like decluttering can bring a newfound sense of calm to your home, it can have the same effect on your financial situation.

If just reading this has you feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of tackling your finances, know that you’re not alone. Financial anxiety is common: According to the 2022 TD Wealth Survey, money is a top stressor for more than 85% of Canadians. Surging inflation and the rising cost of living are keeping people up at night. 

Decluttering your finances can help you feel more in control of your situation…

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As of June 2022, we are currently seeing unnatural discrepancies in the size of mortgage loans borrowers will qualify for, and it’s all because of a rift in the space-time stress test continuum. You see, most 5-year fixed mortgage rates are already over 5%, making their stress test a full 2% higher at 7% or more. Concurrently, the mortgage stress test rate for variable mortgages is still a comparatively low 5.25% or so. In order to maximize the amount homebuyers […]

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Death, Taxes, and Interest Payments: Part 1“Nothing in this world is certain except death and taxes.”

Benjamin Franklin said this in 1789, and it’s just as true now as it was then. There’s just one thing I’d add given that the world has changed quite a bit since the 18th century: interest payments. Maybe not as certain, but just as stressful. If I could revise the quote now, I’d make it: 

“Paying interest and taxes will be the death of us.”

Make More of Your Own Money

A shocking amount of people’s gross income goes towards paying debt. Based on my research and experience, I’d say about 25%. Paying interest on your credit cards, loans, lines of credit or mortgages is something most of us will experience at some point in our lives – but 25% is still a good chunk of income that isn’t saved, invested, or used for living your life.

An even more shocking amount of gross income goes towards taxes. Tax Freedom Day was last week on June 15, meaning any income earned up to this point of the year will be paid out to the government…

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As some second-guess the “variable-rate advantage,” we’ll hear more people asking things like, “Is it too late to lock in?”

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