I missed a mortgage payment. What happens now? + MORE Sep 20th

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OSFI considering the need for additional regulations on existing mortgages + MORE Apr 22nd

Canada’s banking regulator says it is considering whether to extend the scope of its mortgage guidelines to include existing mortgages. In its second Annual Risk Outlook released this week, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) said it will “consider the scope of .... More »
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As bond yields fall, mortgage providers are cutting fixed mortgage rates + MORE Dec 1st

With bond yields nearly 60 basis points off their highs reached earlier this month, fixed mortgage rates are slowly following and trending downward..... More »

CMHC consumer survey reveals the importance of follow-up contact by mortgage brokers + MORE May 13th

There was a simple but important lesson for mortgage brokers in CMHC's 2023 Consumer Survey released Wednesday: follow-up contact leads to more satisfied clients..... More »

The latest in mortgage news: record population growth to keep upward pressure on home prices + MORE Jul 21st

Canada's expected population growth will worsen the already limited housing supply and result in even higher home prices, according to a new report.... More »

Mortgage affordability calculator + MORE Nov 19th

powered by Mortgage affordability is an essential part of setting up your home-buying budget, and it’s based on a many factors—more on those later. If you’re looking to buy a home, one of the first things you’ll want to know is your mortgage affordability. And for that, you should start.... More »
I missed a mortgage payment. What happens now?If you skip one month’s mortgage payment, then resume scheduled payments for six months, all six of those payments may be considered late.

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Mei and Harold are 27 and make $235,000 a year. They’re now paying $5,000 a month on their variable mortgage — and they’re getting worried‘These recent rate hikes have really affected our ability to spend and save,’ Mei explains. ‘We are concerned about how this will continue to affect our finances, and ability to plan for the future.’

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Quebec homebuyers and mortgage brokers looking to sign documents will now be required to draw up the originals in French, regardless of whether any of the signatories speak it.

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