I need to lower my monthly mortgage payments. Is extending my amortization period a good idea? Nov 16th

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OSFI considering the need for additional regulations on existing mortgages + MORE Apr 22nd

Canada’s banking regulator says it is considering whether to extend the scope of its mortgage guidelines to include existing mortgages. In its second Annual Risk Outlook released this week, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) said it will “consider the scope of .... More »

RBC and NBC are the latest big banks to hike fixed mortgage rates + MORE Jun 3rd

RBC and National Bank became the latest Big 6 banks to increase their posted fixed rates this week, following previous increases by BMO and CIBC..... More »

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Non-mortgage debt and delinquencies on the rise: Equifax Apr 10th

High interest rates have applied the brakes to Canada's housing market, with mortgage originations down nearly 40% compared to a year earlier..... More »

Housing affordability challenges leading to increased risk of fraud + MORE Mar 29th

With higher prices and interest rates putting the dream of homeownership further out of reach studies suggest Canadians are more comfortable inflating certain details of their mortgage application — a form of fraud that could have serious legal ramifications..... More »
I need to lower my monthly mortgage payments. Is extending my amortization period a good idea?An extra five years might not seem like much, but the difference can be startling, says one expert.

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