Is Rent to Own Housing Ever a Good Idea? Sep 17th

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Is Rent to Own Housing Ever a Good Idea?
The majority of Canadians are homeowners, and many more want to buy, but not everyone can afford to do so. If you’re one of those who are looking to get into the market and don’t have enough money saved up yet or you currently have poor credit, there’s always the option to rent to own.
Understanding rent-to-own deals
With a rent-to-own property, the end goal is to eventually own it after a period of renting. During your time as a tenant, you should be saving enough to make a down payment and/or improve your credit to qualify for a mortgage.
The seller will initially rent out the home for a period of time—often one to three years—before selling the property after that period at a price agreed upon in the present. This prevents buyers from being surprised if the value of the property increases significantly during that time. However, in some cases, the property may be appraised closer to the date of the sale to determine the price.
A rent-to-own agreement may include an option to buy the home or a commitment to buy it once the lease ends…

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