Is the Gov’t Stalling on Your Tax Return? Here’s How I Handled it! + MORE Sep 28th

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Royal Bank cuts 5-year fixed mortgage rate, others likely to follow suit + MORE Jan 17th

Canada's biggest bank has cut its five-year fixed-term mortgage rate, a move other banks are likely to try to match in short order..... More »

Climbing Debt, Diminishing Savings Highlighted in CBC Documentary Mar 6th

When it comes to debt management, many Canadians are struggling to keep up, with their housing situation being a source of stress. That was one of the key takeaways from the latest episode of CBC Television’s The Stats of Life, which focused on Canadian statistics surrounding savings (or lack.... More »
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Home Sales Fall Sharply From January + MORE Mar 15th

The Canadian Real Estate Association reported today that national home sales plunged 9% from January to February, with 75% of local markets, including all major cities, recording fewer transactions. It’s not the first time CREA has reported such a steep month-over-month decline—home sales also d.... More »

CMHC’s Evan Siddall Addresses B-20 at National Mortgage Conference Oct 31st

In what must have felt like walking into the lion’s den, CMHC head Evan Siddall addressed concerns about recent regulatory changes in front of a crowd of over 1,000 mortgage professionals on Monday. Siddall attended Mortgage Professionals Canada’s annual conference in Montreal, answering questio.... More »
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Locked Out of the Market: How the Mortgage Stress Test Could Be Hurting Homebuyers Mar 12th

It was created with the intention of saving Canadians from becoming over-burdened with their mortgages, but some critics of the Canadian government’s mortgage stress test say it is slamming the door on first-time homebuyers who would otherwise be able to break into the market. In a recent opi.... More »

Bridging the Gap Between MICs and Brokers


They’ve been around since the early 70s, but for many—the public and brokers alike—Mortgage Investment Corporations remain relatively unknown. But work is underway to change that. There’s no denying Mortgage Investment Corporations, or MICs, have come a long way since their inception by the federal government in 1973 through the Residential Mortgage Financing Act. And […]

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Your Doctor Uses a Mortgage Broker!


Your Doctor Uses a Mortgage Broker!
Would it surprise you to learn that your doctor uses a mortgage broker? Well, it’s true – doctors use mortgage brokers all the time.
In fact, I personally have an extensive list of medical professionals as clients, including family doctors, specialists, dentists, veterinarians… and the list goes on.
So, why would these high-income earners use a mortgage broker?
The answer is simple. They want to get, not only the best rate, but also the best advice. They’re seeking market neutral advice from someone who doesn’t work for a single financial institution. They want someone who can guide them into the most appropriate mortgage product that will keep the greatest amount of money in their pockets!
This is something that only a mortgage broker can do. No banker can offer products from other financial institutions. Your doctor can easily qualify for a mortgage in most circumstances, but not all the time. It’s not just about qualifying for a mortgage – it’s also about ensuring that they’re being matched with the right mortgage product to fit their unique needs…

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Is the Gov’t Stalling on Your Tax Return? Here’s How I Handled it!
Did you file your 2017 taxes on time, yet your NOA is MIA? If so, you’re not alone!
I’ve had this happen with a few of my clients… as well as with my own tax return! That’s right! My accountant filed my personal tax return in April… and for months, I didn’t receive my NOA. Every time I called the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), they either told me it was coming, they were working on it, or they reminded me they have up to four months to complete the return (FOUR MONTHS!?)!
Well, four months passed… and still nothing!
I begged CRA to complete my return because I needed it for mortgage financing purposes. But, of course, I got the standard answer that they can’t push mine ahead of others. GRRRR!
And we all know that, in 2018, if you don’t have proof that you’ve filed your latest tax return, you won’t get a mortgage. That’s our reality!
There are many business owners in this predicament!
I did some research and spoke with other accounting professionals for advice…

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U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell says the strong U.S. economy needs more rate hikes, but in explaining why, he unintentionally offered a warning for Canadians with big mortgages.

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