Mortgage renewal calculator + MORE Aug 18th

Obtaining a mortgage or secured line of credit in Canada at the best rates is often a daunting task. We can help! Read the articles below for more info.
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Fixed mortgage rates surge higher as bond yields break above 4% Aug 21st

Bond yields broke through a key resistance point this week, leading to a fresh round of fixed mortgage rate increases..... More »

CIBC sees “no areas of concern” as 100,000 mortgage clients renewed at higher rates so far this year + MORE Sep 14th

CIBC reports that its mortgage clients are so far managing to absorb the payment shocks as their mortgages come up for renewal at higher rates..... More »

Can a first-time home buyer have a mortgage co-signer? + MORE Sep 17th

If you’re in the market for your first home but need help coming up with the financing, you do have some options, including asking someone to co-sign the mortgage. Involving a third party is probably not what you envisioned for home ownership, but recent interest rate hikes and rising real estate .... More »

TD reports strong mortgage volumes and stabilizing amortizations + MORE Aug 27th

Despite a sharp slowdown in mortgage originations this year, TD reported continued strong volume growth of 4% in the second quarter..... More »

OSFI calls stress test “incomplete,” seeks to address “problem” of fixed-payment variable-rate mortgages + MORE Sep 8th

It's no secret that Canada's banking regulator has its sights set on fixed-payment variable-rate mortgage products. And OSFI chief Peter Routledge reiterated that point during a speech today..... More »


The best 5-year fixed mortgage rates in Canada
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When it comes to understanding mortgage rates and their impact on monthly payments, many Canadian borrowers have room for improvement.

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Mortgage renewal calculator


When it’s time to renew your mortgage, you can either stay with your current lender or shop around for a new one that offers a lower interest rate or different . Using a mortgage renewal calculator can help you pick the best mortgage offer available to you at the time of renewal. 

You’re 2 minutes away from getting the best mortgage rates in CanadaAnswer a few quick questions to get a personalized rate quote*I’m buying a homeI’m renewing/refinancingYou will be leaving MoneySense. Just close the tab to return.

This mortgage renewal calculator allows you to compare different mortgage offers, based on a specified mortgage amount and location plus the following variables: amortization period, interest rate and payment frequency. You can enter four sets of variables at once. (The tool also takes into account the size of your original down payment.) The calculator finds the best rates currently offered by a variety of lenders across Canada, and it shows you how much your regular mortgage payment would be…

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