Mortgage renewal strategies in today’s high interest rate environment + MORE May 10th

Learn more about Canadian mortgage rates, rules and the latest news – read on!
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How to build credit history in Canada + MORE Jun 30th

A credit history is a person’s track record of using credit (borrowing money) and repaying debt. Your credit history can affect many aspects of your financial life—from getting approved for a credit card or renting an apartment to taking out a mortgage or a car loan, among other things. In some .... More »

Mortgage renewal calculator + MORE Aug 18th

When it’s time to renew your mortgage, you can either stay with your current lender or shop around for a new one that offers a lower interest rate or different . Using a mortgage renewal calculator can help you pick the best mortgage offer available to you at the time of renewal.  .... More »

Latest in Mortgage News: Are fixed mortgage rates about to take another leg higher? Aug 6th

There's speculation that fixed mortgage rates, which have continued to trend higher over the past several weeks, are set to rise even further..... More »
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Unleashing the power of LinkedIn: essential strategies and hidden gems for mortgage professionals + MORE Jun 27th

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Bond yields are back on the rise. Will fixed mortgage rates follow? + MORE Jul 27th

Bond yields are back on the rise this week, which observers say could keep upward pressure on fixed mortgage rates if the trend continues..... More »
After spending most of the past year at or near record lows, Canada’s mortgage delinquency rate is expected to return to pre-pandemic levels, potentially rising by nearly a third.

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The current interest rate climate for mortgage brokers and their clients is dramatically different compared to just a year ago, requiring a whole new strategy when it comes to renewals.

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