Mortgage renewal strategies in today’s high interest rate environment + MORE May 10th

Learn more about Canadian mortgage rates, rules and the latest news – read on!
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2024 housing market and interest rate forecasts + MORE Dec 28th

2023 was a year that tested the resilience of Canadian mortgage holders. And as we look forward, there's optimism that 2024 will be the year of rate relief..... More »

Feds commit to exploring CRA income verification in budget 2024 to address mortgage fraud Apr 15th

The federal government today confirmed plans to consult with the mortgage industry on developing income verification tools through the Canada Revenue Agency..... More »

Most mortgage borrowers to see payments rise 34% to 54% vs. early 2022: Bank of Canada + MORE Dec 22nd

If you had a mortgage as of February 2022, chances are you will be facing a payment increase before the end of 2025..... More »

Nesto eyes controlling stake in CMLS Financial, media report suggests + MORE Jun 2nd

Online mortgage lender Nesto Inc. is currently in talks to purchase a controlling stake in CMLS Financial Inc.,.... More »
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How To Navigate Three Common Mortgage Scenarios + MORE Aug 15th

It’s a confusing time to be a homeowner. Rates are up, and everyone has an opinion on what will happen next. It’s easy to get sucked into social media rabbit holes and make decisions motivated by fear. But at times like these, it’s crucial to block out the noise and do what’s right for you. .... More »
After spending most of the past year at or near record lows, Canada’s mortgage delinquency rate is expected to return to pre-pandemic levels, potentially rising by nearly a third.

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The current interest rate climate for mortgage brokers and their clients is dramatically different compared to just a year ago, requiring a whole new strategy when it comes to renewals.

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