Optimism Returns to the Markets. Could Fixed Rates Start to Rise? Nov 13th

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This millennial left her job to go back to school, but scholarships have left her with no debt. Can she afford a GTA home? Jul 28th

“I do eventually want to buy a home, but the housing market in the GTA is intimidating to say the least, and I’m not so committed to home ownership that I’ll tie myself down to an unmanageable mortgage,” Maggie said..... More »

Best Practices to Verify Your Clients’ Down Payments May 25th

Proving the source of your clients’ down payments can sometimes be the most time-consuming part of arranging a mortgage. Even when handled well, the process may sour the buyer experience. Your client will need to provide a comprehensive history of all the money earmarked for their down payment.... More »

The State of the Residential Mortgage Market: 2021 Mar 26th

Despite the headwinds of a global pandemic, Canadians’ interest in real estate and the resulting rise in prices took even the most seasoned experts by surprise. This, of course, had major implications for the mortgage market. Mortgage Professionals Canada’s Annual State of the Residentia.... More »

How not to overspend on your next car Apr 19th

Car-buying case study: Melissa and Dave A car is the second-largest purchase you’ll ever make in your life, and you’re likely to make it many times over. Yet, unlike the home-buying process where you might have the professional assistance of a Realtor, mortgage broker, lawyer, and Certified Fina.... More »

How much does life insurance cost in Canada? + MORE Mar 23rd

Life insurance is often touted as the financial safety net we all need, but what if it’s an added expense you’re not sure you can afford? If that’s your thinking, you’re far from alone—a 2019 study showed that most Canadians are underinsured, with 49% having never purchased life insurance.... More »
Bond yields in both Canada and the U.S. jumped on news that Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine has proven more than 90% effective in its trials. Following the announcement on Monday, the all-important 5-year bond yield is now hovering around 0.50% for the first time since early June. Since bond yields lead fixed mortgage rates, that’s caused some observers to suggest mortgage rates could potentially be finding a bottom and may only head higher from here. “Lenders’ profit margins are tight and […]

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