Should you get a fixed-rate or variable mortgage? In these strange times, fixed has a rare edge Nov 23rd

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Q3 Lender Earnings: The Unexpected Recovery Dec 2nd

The country’s key mortgage lenders recently released their third-quarter earnings, and it’s safe to say results were better-than-expected all around. Equitable Bank had its best-ever third quarter, while First National had its own record quarter. “For customers and partners, we ori.... More »

2020 – Year in Review + MORE Jan 7th

Now that the page has finally been turned on 2020, we wanted to take a look back at how mortgage rates fared over the course of what was a tumultuous year. It’s safe to say that COVID-19 stole the show in terms of the year’s biggest newsmaker. On the mortgage front, one of the biggest th.... More »

Switching to a better bank account Dec 17th

Almost every adult Canadian has a bank account, according to the Canadian Bankers Association. And there are practical reasons for that: most of us need a bank account to cover rent or mortgage payments, receive paycheques and to maintain our lifestyles.  But what if you’re looking for a bank acc.... More »
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Because not everyone fits into the same box Dec 11th

You might have seen the headline “HSBC crushes mortgage records with 0.99% variable rate”. No doubt about it, this is a great rate. However, it’s not for everybody. It is important to remember, like most deals, there are some restrictions. Among other things this offering is li.... More »
Should you get a fixed-rate or variable mortgage? In these strange times, fixed has a rare edgeWith rates this low, the usual advantages of renewing with a variable mortgage are diminished or gone, writes David Aston.

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