Struggling to make mortgage payments? How to avoid the slippery slope that leads to losing your home + MORE Nov 22nd

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Homebuyers with a variable mortgage rate are facing a "painful" adjustment as interest rates continue to rise, the Bank of Canada's Senior Deputy Governor Carolyn Rogers said this week..... More »

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In recent years, financial planning has been reduced from a process to a product. The broader financial industry has offered financial plans, often on a one-time basis, and frequently as a prospecting tool. It is not enough to simply have a financial plan that gathers dust. Forward-looking financial planning can help you stay on track and achieve your long-term goals.

What kinds of goals should you be setting?

Many people have the goal of investing their money. But in order to invest, you have to spend less than you earn. Some people start investing too early. It probably makes sense to pay down non-mortgage consumer debt like credit cards first. It also generally makes sense to contribute to your savings (for example, to an emergency fund) before growing your wealth through investing.

If you are saving for retirement, you should try to figure out how much you should be saving. This is based on your expenses, now and in retirement, and trying to work backwards to figure out how much to put aside each month…

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Roughly half of all mortgage holders with static-payment variable-rate mortgages have already reached their trigger rate, according to a new report from the Bank of Canada.

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Struggling to make mortgage payments? How to avoid the slippery slope that leads to losing your homeMore and more Canadians are having trouble making payments as rates continue to rise. Here’s how to get back on track and make sure you don’t put your home in jeopardy.

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