The Best Credit Cards for Students in 2019 + MORE May 18th

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Best of Finance Winners: The Best Credit Cards and Banking Products for 2019 aims to make financial decision-making easier for the consumer by acknowledging the best credit cards and banking products in Canada at its annual Best of Finance Awards.
The credit card, loan, bank account, or mortgage you choose can affect how the future of your money, how investors and lenders look at your portfolio, potential job offers, the type of house you can rent or buy, and even the type of cell phone plan you get (pro tip: good credit may mean better deals!).
That being said, the world of personal finance, credit and investing can be a daunting one to navigate. Everyone has a unique lifestyle and budget which may lead them to choose a specific credit card or banking product over another. And it’s imperative to do your research before signing on the dotted line. With so many options available, choosing the best product can be difficult.
That’s why we at annually audit Canadian credit cards and banking accounts to see how they stack up against each other…

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The Best Credit Cards for Students in 2019
If you’re a student in college or university, you understand that every penny counts. Tuition is high, textbooks are expensive, and it’s hard to maintain healthy eating habits while living off-campus when all you can afford are those packets of Sidekicks pasta for $1.
This is where a good rewards credit card can come in handy. Not only can you earn points, merchandise or cash-back for you purchases, but you’re also given the opportunity to start building your credit. And this is important if you’re a young adult who doesn’t have any credit to your name. If used responsibly, having a credit card will start you off on the right foot so you are eligible for other types of credit in the future, like personal loans or a mortgage. And there’s a great chance you’ll need one of these things eventually.
Rewards cards generally offer different amounts of points or cash-back for particular spending categories (gas, grocery, pharmacy purchases, etc.). Whether it’s rebating you in points, a statement credit, or cash-back in your bank account, a good rewards card maximizes on your everyday purchases and ultimately helps you save, and if you’re a student, you’re likely looking for a card with little-to-no annual fee…

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The Best Credit Cards for Building Credit of 2019
Your credit score is a crucial factor that banks and other lenders consider before they lend you any money. Banks want to know you’re financially responsible and capable of repaying your debts before they hand you any funds. Thus, looming debt can be destructive to your credit score, affecting your ability to get an approval on a mortgage, student loan, or financing for a car.
So, if you’ve found yourself in a financial predicament, your best bet would be to pay off as much debt as possible, apply for new credit, and use it responsibly. But if you’re not able to qualify for a credit card because of the current state of your credit score, consider getting a secured credit card or a card specifically designed for rebuilding credit.
With these types of card, you may be required to put down a deposit before you get approved. For example, if you want a $500 credit limit, you would need to provide a $500 deposit. After you’ve rebuilt your credit score with a secured card, you should be able to get your deposit back and qualify for a regular credit card…

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