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Canadian housing mortgage rates are all over the map. Don’t get trapped in an unnecessarily costly mortgage agreement.
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Creative Ways to Finance Your New Home Aug 19th

In a tight housing market, it can be tough to come up with the cash you need for a new home. Many Canadians looking for new alternatives are having to get creative. For some folks, it may be as simple as finding friends or family to take the journey with them, or sharing their homes with others. Co.... More »
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Tips for Paying Off Credit Card Debt Jun 17th

Credit card bills got you down? That’s the trouble with paying with plastic. It is easy to spend, but not quite as easy to pay off the debt you accrue – especially if you are only paying the minimum each month. Carrying too much credit card debt can make it harder to get a loan for a house .... More »

The Latest in Mortgage News – An Eye on Real Estate + MORE Mar 30th

A number of reports this month have provided some insight into the latest movements in Canada’s housing market. New data shows that home sales and prices continue to fall in Toronto and Vancouver, with the exception of Toronto condo sales, which have reached a new high. RBC also came out with .... More »
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Half of Canadians Would Rather Renovate than Relocate Mar 24th

A recent survey revealed over half of Canadians would choose to renovate their current home, instead of moving to a new home, if they had a budget of $50,000. With the current high-interest-rate environment and introduction of stricter mortgage regulations, there has been great f.... More »

The Latest in Mortgage News


As we do each month, we’ve rounded up some of the latest real estate and mortgage-related news from the past few weeks: Vancouver’s Housing Market Earns Dubious Honour Vancouver home prices may be falling now, but their record-high levels throughout 2018 have earned Vancouver the distinction of being ranked the world’s second-least affordable city. The […]

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Rarely do banks leave the mortgage broker direct channel and return. This is one of those times. National Bank will once again be distributing the bank’s branded mortgage products directly through mortgage brokers in a new partnership with M3 Group. It is easily the best news story brokers have had in months. The partnership will […]

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Should I Get a Variable or Fixed Mortgage? RBC Cuts Rates and the Answer is No Longer Clear
Last week, Canada’s biggest bank, RBC, cut its five-year fixed rate by 15 basis points. This gave customers the option to lock in their mortgage rate at 3.74 per cent, for a five-year term. And surely enough, TD Bank and BMO Bank of Montreal followed suit and cut their five-year fixed rates to the same level. Currently, CIBC is asking all customers to call in for more details on its five-year fixed rate, and Scotiabank is not showing the same 15-basis-point cut.
The move by some of Canada’s commercial banks is overdue. Unlike variable-rate loans that are affected by the Bank of Canada’s benchmark rate, fixed rates are tied to the bond market, and bond yields have been sinking over the last two months.
The yield for the Government of Canada benchmark five-year bond fell from a high of 2.48 per cent last October to a low of 1.76 per cent on January 3. At the time of writing this article, the bond yield has recovered slightly but still remains lower than two per cent. This means it’s cheaper for commercial banks to borrow money at a fixed rate and, therefore, they can pass down those interest rate savings to their mortgage customers…

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Mortgage Professionals Canada has renewed calls for changes to the federal government’s stress tests, arguing they pose serious risk to the housing market and overall economy. The association’s annual report on the state of the mortgage market, authored by its Chief Economist Will Dunning, followed up on previously published concerns over the federal government’s mortgage […]

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