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Customer says BMO ignored her plea to cap limit on joint line of credit with ex: debt more than doubles + MORE Apr 9th

An Ontario woman says she is furious that her bank repeatedly increased the limit on a joint line of credit she had with her then-husband, allowing him to rack up debt for which she is responsible. She wants banks to have to get permission before increasing a customer's line of credi.... More »

Ontario Housing Market: Increased Opportunity for Investors! + MORE Apr 6th

Rental vacancies are ridiculously low and demand for rental units is high… and growing! That’s just a sampling of the opportunistic real estate investment news Ted Tsiakopoulos, CMHC’s Regional Economist for Ontario, shared recently at the Canadian Mortgage Brokers’ Associat.... More »

Average cost to rent condo in GTA hits $2,206, up by $214 in past year + MORE Apr 12th

The average cost to rent a condominium in the Greater Toronto Area has risen by almost 11 per cent in the past year, partly because tougher mortgage rules have shut out new buyers and flooded the market with renters, a new report by research firm Urbanation says..... More »
Top 5 Ways to Pay for SchoolLooking into a post-secondary education for the first time can be pretty overwhelming, and figuring out how you’ll pay for it all can add extra stress. To help, here are five options to keep in mind while going through the process.

TIP: Apply for everything you qualify for! Check and

TIP: Find out if your parents are helping you out. They may have an RESP or other savings.
Figure out how much you need to pay for school with the RBC Student Budget Calculator

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TIP: Look for job sites catered to students and new grads such as TalentEgg and

TIP: Check out how the RBC Student Line of Credit could help you.
For year-round student finance tips, check out the RBC Student Solutions Hub.
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How life insurance can protect from debt risks
Q: Our 19-year-old son has been accepted into an aviation program. The cost of the program is $100,000. Government Student Loan funding is not enough to cover the program cost, therefore we looked into a student line of credit. Unfortunately, a pilot was not listed as a profession that would get approval for a $100,000 student line of credit; the only option was to use our own personal line of credit.
In order to protect ourselves financially in case something happens to our son, I would like to purchase life insurance but I’m not sure what type of life insurance and if disability insurance is also needed. Once his debit is paid off I would like to see him continue with the life insurance policy so he has coverage if he decides to start a family. Would he be able to increase the policy coverage? Or is it in his best financial interest to incorporate future costs now?
A: Diana, this is a great question. This is a good example of life insurance protecting a financial risk, which is one of the main purposes of life insurance…

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Here’s our latest recap of Canadian mortgage and real estate news. This week we look at: The latest housing affordability report, which came out with fairly predictable results How the post-OSFI stress test bump in business for credit unions may not be materializing What HomEquity’s 2017 originations data says about the trend towards reverse mortgages […]

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