The Sea Change in Canadian Mortgage Insurance + MORE Dec 2nd

Obtaining a mortgage or secured line of credit in Canada at the best rates is often a daunting task. We can help! Read the articles below for more info.
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Surprise, Surprise: No Rate Hike From Bank of Canada Dec 11th

For months we’ve been warned by “experts” that rates are sure to shoot up. That the Bank of Canada will change their tune based on the state of the economy. That by year’s end, we’ll be well on our way to pre-pandemic rates that will make anyone with a variable rate mortgage regret eve.... More »

Good habits that can help you improve your credit score + MORE Jan 1st

You probably know you should care about your credit score, but do you know why? Simply put, this three-digit number can either help or hurt you in your journey towards financial wellbeing—and it can have far-reaching effects. Your credit score affects your chances of getting approved for a cre.... More »

How to protect your investments if the inflation genie sparks interest rate hikes Jan 19th

Now is a good time to prepare your finances for rising interest rates as they affect everything from the makeup of your portfolio to your mortgage.... More »

The Latest in Mortgage News: Canadians Divided Over Home Price Expectations Jan 4th

Following a record year of home price increases, Canadians remain divided over where they expect (and hope) prices will go from here..... More »
The average new mortgage being taken out by today’s borrowers surged to $360,000 as of the third quarter, Equifax reports.

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If you’re considering buying your first home, you probably want to do a bit of research. Perhaps you’ll talk to friends and colleagues and even read a few articles regarding the process, but with 80% of first-time home buyers confessing they’d love a do-over, perhaps there isn’t such a thing as too much information.

To help, here are the top 10 mistakes first-time home buyers make, along with some handy tips on how to avoid them.

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1. You fall in love with home staging

Everyone knows this. Everyone trots this piece of advice out—particularly as they swear up and down that they can see past the old-fashioned wallpaper to the home’s potential. Then reality hits, as potential buyers start to see staged homes versus original decor.

In its simplest form, home staging is when the seller declutters and rearranges the furniture to make rooms look more appealing to buyers…

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The Sea Change in Canadian Mortgage Insurance


Few realize how dramatically Canada’s mortgage insurance market has changed.

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