Top Risks and Trends in Canada’s Mortgage Market Sep 14th

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Canada’s best credit cards for people with bad credit 2021 + MORE Oct 14th

Conventional wisdom may lead you to believe that if you have bad credit, you should swear off credit cards. But if you want to improve your credit score, you’ll have to show you can handle credit responsibly—and the only way to do that is (you guessed it) to have a credit card. When used properl.... More »

The Broker Channel Gets Another Prime Lender: Strive Capital + MORE Sep 23rd

Strive is live. It’s Canada’s latest prime lender in the mortgage broker market..... More »

How much is home insurance? Sep 17th

Home insurance is, as you may know, property insurance that protects the homeowner’s private residence, including the outside space, like your shed and deck, too. By paying a monthly or annual premium, you are assured that damage or loss to your home—typically a person’s most important and exp.... More »

What is a mortgage broker? Oct 17th

Mortgage brokers are a highly regulated specialized alternative to Canada’s big banks. But what is a mortgage broker exactly? And, When it comes to the purchase of your home, why would you choose a broker over a mortgage specialist at your bank?  Get the mortgage rate that works for you.Fin.... More »

The Latest in Mortgage News: Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan to Buy HomeEquity Bank Sep 26th

The Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan Board has taken a major investment stake in Canada's rapidly growing reverse mortgage market with its acquisition of HomeEquity Bank..... More »
From rising inflation and falling consumer confidence to changing real estate preferences, Canada’s mortgage market impacts from multiple fronts. Ben Rabidoux, a real estate analyst and founder of Edge Realty Analytics, recently participated in a webinar hosted by Mortgage Professionals Canada where he outlined some of the key trends that could impact mortgage rates. Below is a summary of part of that discussion. An “inflation scare” is coming Inflation is running hot right now, with the latest reading from July […]

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