Variable-rate mortgages are about to trigger payment increases Aug 9th

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The latest in mortgage news: OSFI unveils minor changes to insurer capital adequacy test + MORE Sep 29th

Canada's federal banking regulator unveiled revisions to its Mortgage Insurer Capital Adequacy Test for insured variable-rate mortgages..... More »
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What happens when a buyer backs out of a real estate deal? + MORE Sep 2nd

When it comes to backing out of a real estate deal, the law doesn’t tend to side with the dealbreaker, says Ron Butler, a veteran mortgage broker and one of the founders of Butler Mortgage in Toronto. If you’re the buyer, “You should find a way to complete the sale—beg, borrow, do whatever y.... More »

The Latest in Mortgage News: BoC’s Affordability Index reaches worst level since 1991 Aug 15th

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Is the family responsible to pay the mortgage for a loved one who has passed away? + MORE Aug 18th

When someone dies and owes money on a mortgage, is their common-law spouse responsible for paying it off? The house was in the name of the deceased only—the common-law spouse wasn’t a co-signer on the mortgage, and her name is not listed on the deed.  —Louine You’re 2 minut.... More »
There’s been a lot of discussion recently about how variable-rate mortgage holders could face their “trigger point.” We’re going to explore what that means, and the implications for borrowers.

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