We made money on the Toronto housing market. Now what? Nov 4th

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We had a plan. We considered the bank’s low interest rates, the rising real estate prices and record low inventory and thought it was the perfect time to cash in on the Toronto real estate market by moving out of the city. My husband and I were going to move from Ontario to Manitoba, selling our East York detached home and moving back to my hometown of Winnipeg, with our 15-year-old son in tow. We were aware Winnipeg home prices were also on the rise—but still nowhere near Toronto levels. And, since we had purchased our home in 2007, we were poised to make a substantial profit on the sale. This was our chance to be mortgage-free and able to actively save for retirement.

The house went up for sale in April 2021 and sold in early May for $1,075,000. After realtor fees, closing costs and other debts were paid, we walked away with about $688,000. Our plan was to buy a three- or four-bedroom home in Winnipeg, with a large yard and a pool. We were prepared to spend between $500,000 and $550,000 on a new home, leaving us with some money to spend on furniture and a new car and to invest the rest…

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