What You Should Know About Collateral Charge Mortgages + MORE Aug 7th

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I recently had clients who were refinancing their mortgage completely reject a very attractive offering from one of the big chartered banks. Their reasoning? All of this bank’s mortgages are registered as collateral charges, and all of their online research into this topic spooked them completely. Over the years, dozens of articles have been written […]

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Should You Take a 10-Year Fixed Rate When Rates are Low?
I’ve been fielding a lot of calls lately asking about 10-year fixed rates – and with good reason! You can now get a 10-year fixed rate for around 3.04%. That’s almost at an all-time low.
But should you take this offer? NO!

Conventional thinking and human nature may lead some of us to believe this is a secure option. And, I get it. Set your payment for 10 years and you don’t have to worry about your payment going up or down. We all crave a certain degree of certainty and security.
But how secure is this? Is anyone’s life really that certain and steady? 10 years is a long time to be married to your mortgage. Does anyone really know where they’ll be in 10 years? How about in five years?
Here’s a test question: How often do people change their mortgage? Or, put another way, how often are people forced to make a change regarding their mortgage?
The answer: Every 3 years! Yup, that’s right. On average, we change our mortgage every three years…

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