Why are fertility treatments so expensive in Canada? + MORE May 15th

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Why are fertility treatments so expensive in Canada?Being unable to have a child naturally can be extremely difficult. But when you factor in the high costs of fertility treatments, the range of individual circumstances and the fact that the industry itself is secretive about fees, it can make the whole ordeal even more devastating and hard to plan for.

Kelsi Ribecco added up the cost of her fertility treatments since 2018 and estimates she has spent roughly $75,000. Through her husband’s work, they had unlimited coverage for medication—which is rare, she said—and they received a modest tax refund for medical expenses. 

Their out-of-pocket total landed at around $50,000. They financed treatments with a line of credit, and she guessed they paid up to another $12,000 in interest.

“The reason that I like to tell people the [$75,000] total is because most people don’t have the coverage we have,” Ribecco said.

The Calgary-based marketing professional is an ambassador for Fertility Matters Canada and posts about motherhood and her fertility journey on Instagram as Ciao Kelsi…

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